Whether its a car or van select property services can get you in with no damage to the vehicle  so if you lock your keys in don't panic  Select Property Services  has fixed prices and no call out   we can be  with you within 30 minutes from confirmation of a fixed price given over the phone  Call Steve on 07840415093

Locked your keys in the car and need help?


It’s all too easy to leave our keys locked in the car and poor attempts to enter the vehicle too often results in expensive door or door lock repair and replacements.

There are some very good reasons why people choose
Select Property Services and not the dealers

Even Main dealers don't carry the equipment for this sort of work like Select Property Services

If you’ve locked your car keys in your car then don’t feel embarrassed. Just give us a call and we will be there with in 20-30mins .

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We all share the same worries of vehicle theft, vehicle breakdown, running out of fuel, and those terrible hit-and-run accidents that leave the owner empty handed and out of luck.

Perhaps the most disturbing fear is leaving work, the grocery store, or a business meeting only to notice you have locked your car keys in car with no easy or reasonably quick method of finding a solution.

Like the rest of us, we begin to consider sudden alternatives to gain entry to the vehicle. Perhaps you begin wandering around seeking an ample sized stone or broken piece of concrete. Next comes the decision on which window is the best choice to be broken. Yet, even the smallest of windows like the corner rear glass in the side passenger door could mean costly repairs.

While it’s difficult to provide a good estimate considering all the different types and models of vehicles and the availability of parts, the average repair is several hundred pounds. And, if you have full coverage insurance, you had better hope the insurance claims department believes it was not a self-inflicted wound.

Below are a few of the car makes and models we specialise in. Call us for more information:

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